The blog is back :-) Long live the blog!!!

So after over a year I have upgraded our blog account with wordpress and am now of a mind to fill you in on all the adventures and challenges we have faced over the last 15 months.

This will take some thinking about and I may have to refresh my memory of just where we were when I last blogged, so watch this space and I will start thinking about all I have to fill you in on. The main thing is that Kate and I are still working hard at ‘living the dream’ and although it is quite a tough slog at times, we do still hear the skylarks and feel blessed by having the important things in our lives… love, family, friends, water, electricity and great food!

In the meantime here are some recent photos…….. to get you in the mood….!


Jinney Ring Craft Centre next weekend :-)




Recent weekends have been filled with fun on the farm, as I have spent my weekends helping out. I actually got the lawn mower out today! However next weekend we are back selling our lovely produce at The Jinnney Ring Craft Centre.

jr 008
So I am on annual leave from my day job on Friday and having a jolly good spring clean and making sure I have the essentials ready for Saturday morning…. coffee, a mug and kettle.Meanwhile Karen and Kate will be making the sausages, faggots, black pudding and bacon, ready for me and the lovely customers we have at the Jinney Ring. I am planning on having lovely local seasonal veg, pork pies and sausage rolls etc, cheese and fresh bread, all supplied by local producers.

Anyone wanting to place an order to guarantee satisfaction either contact us via the website or ring Littleblackpig Farm Shop on 07813340068

sausage making 038

jr 005

Tomorrow we are moving the ewes ready for lambing πŸ™‚ Lambing Live 2015 …… are you ready for it ?!!

Looking after pigs


There is nothing quite like seeing a curly tail on a pig to knowing that you have a happy pig.
And this morning we certainly had at least 70 happy pigs. To be honest I have lost count of how many pigs we have right now all I know is that yesterday and today I have fed them and looked after them and Kate knows the numbers and works out how much feed per pen and I just count them out and deliver.


So this morning I was about 15 minutes late starting the rounds and boy were those pigs ready! Pacing up and down and giving me grief.

but luckily soon fed and happy.

yes Lola is wearing some of her breakfast as I kind of miss threw!

Feed times is the time to check the animals, one of our sows was walking a little gingerly yesterday but today is trotting about fine, probably just got up wrong.

It has been a great weekend, what with Bacon day yesterday and lots of people coming to the farm shop to sample and buy various cuts of smoked and unsmoked bacon and today I have dragged some people around and shown off our pigs to them.

I really am proud of what we have built here and our animals.



The fact it has ended up as a beautiful sunny day has just been a bonus πŸ™‚

All power to Little Black Pig


This picture was taken 3 years ago ….. about the same time we had electricity installed on the farm! It doesn’t feel like 3 years with power but wow hasn’t it changed our lives and no way do we take it for granted!
The pump for the bore hole works silently and we turn on the lights and we have illumination πŸ™‚ We also have an oil filled electric radiator in the bedroom which means that we can bear to not sleep in all our clothes.
Actually quite a lot has changed in those three years. Fridges and freezers for our produce and a new electric oven for the caravan. There is no way that we could manage without it now.

This was pre Christmas orders delivery day 2013…. this last Christmas was even crazier!

Reflecting back on these milestones is good…. we have come a long way.


We have also grown a little older, not that you can tell that easily but it is when the neices and nephews come over to help that the difference it really noticeable.

smart overalls !
smart overalls !


Daniel came up at the weekend to help me with the evening rounds …. he can now carry 2 buckets filled with 20 scoops each of feed… ie very heavy and full. He was great, as ever.

So next on the agenda is a Bacon Celebration at the farm on Saturday, when all things bacon will be celebrated and Smoked and Unsmoked cuts of bacon will be filling the counter. We have also made up some Bacon DIY packs for people to try and make their own. So I am on caravan tidying tomorrow evening as the weekend is going to be busy!

middle bacon

Ali B ‘s Birthday weekend …. continued

So after the shop shut on Saturday evening we continued the celebrations…..and what better way than attending the pantomime at Ombersley Village Hall! It was so funny and we were still laughing about it yesterday… the children were fabulous and everyone did very well and what is more it felt good to be ensconced in village life… well done Mike.

Then yesterday with the Mothers we went to Chipping Camden to a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch and over ate… then pootled round Broadway looking in awe at some over priced honey … 2 x what we charge!!

Oh yes some pig feeding took place first thing.




Then last evening we sat around drinking tea and played Scrabble ….. 270 beat 260 … it was tense but I won πŸ™‚ and then listened to some folk music and dreamt of being more musical ourselves. I didn’t get out my penny whistle … but maybe soon.

So this morning …. MY OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY … we were up at the crack of porridge loading pigs and lambs for their little road trip and Kate took them off whilst I fed the pigs.

Kate is now cooking me pancakes, black pudding and poached eggs and then we are playing out together.
Banking and a trip to get some galvanised wire mesh…. glamorous eh!

Feeling very blessed today…. I have some wonderful people in my life who all are quite nice to me… what more could a girl want ….. oh yes …. BREAKFAST πŸ™‚

Ali B’s Birthday Weekend….. the beginning

Ok so the last 2 years Kate and I have run away for my birthday, and despite Kate texting me yesterday afternoon suggesting that we run away together…. this year I am Birthdaying at home. However I am dragging it out for a whole long weekend cos Monday is not the best day of the week to celebrate … so I have started the celebrations today.

And what better way is there of celebrating than spending the morning on the farm feeding the pigs and checking the sheep.


First of all I had to start the tractor:-( but for a practical gal like me it was no problem.


Dolly Parton is looking good and pregnant….. Lambing Live 2015 starts April 2nd πŸ™‚ She will prbably only have a single once more but it will be the prettiest.


This warmer weather and slightly longer day length means that the egg lay is increasing .. phew!


I know we have 250 chickens but this old Bluebell is my favourite…. what a beauty.

It has been a lovely day and the shop has been busy with old and new customers. We had a lovely lady of 92 visit us today, she’d been brought up on a farm and used to make sausages and white pudding…. we pumped her for the secret of white pudding as we haven’t got it right yet, so we are not making it…. unlike our black pudding which is just fantastic. She was absolutely delightful and bought enough meat to feed an army, so I guess we wont see her for a little while, which is a shame. It is great when we get the time to chat to people who are passionate about their food and appreciate proper meat.

So now I am relaxing in the warm and looking forward to my Birthday weekend … the continuation πŸ™‚

Frosty Morning

jan17th 013

So this morning didn’t start too well….

jan17th 001

The tractor wouldn’t start …. too cold, a bit like me. So I used shanks pony to do the rounds.

jan17th 006

It takes a little longer but hey its the weekend πŸ™‚

jan17th 002

jan17th 003

jan17th 005

jan17th 012

The pigs are all growing really well and sometimes it is good to get their size in perspective…………

jan17th 010

ie little piglets and then on the other hand / foot a bigger pig !

jan17th 011

It was great this afternoon spending some time with them, but it does seem that the electric fences are not working at their optimum….. in other words the piglets are a little too free range.

When I say come on guys back to Mum, I do mean their Mum, I haven’t gone so potty that I refer to me as their Mum….. just in case you thought I’d sone totally soft!

So tomorrow mornings first job is walking the fences to see just where there is a breach. Meanwhile the pigs all seem quite happy.

Tomorrow is also Harri’s 2nd birthday, so some extra cuddles in store.