Welcome to the LBP Blog Page

We believe that it is in all of our interests to ensure that traditional breeds of livestock are preserved for future generations.

Commercial farming has produced specialised breeds of all types of livestock that are suited to large scale intensive production. Many of these breeds have excellent qualities but are not suited to more traditional methods of farming.

So that generations to come can continue to enjoy the pleasures of raising their own food, or buying from small local producers using traditional natural methods, we need to ensure that the traditional breeds survive.

So Little Black Pig was born – a venture that we hope will help protect these fantastic animals and make our customers feel more connected to the food that they eat

We have been raising pigs in Derbyshire for 2 years now on rented land. Finally we have bought some land of our own in Worcestershire where we can be closer to our families.

So here at Little Black Pig we have decided it is time to start documenting our story.

We are still in Derbyshire, but Willow Farm in Worcestershire is starting to take shape. Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you all up to date on our progress, with pictures and stories of land purchase, fencing, tree planting, planning applications and of course THE GREAT MOVE.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the LBP Blog Page

  1. NewLandOwner

    Hi Kate and Aly, What a great blog, although I have to admit to being a newcomer to blogging.
    Congratulations on the pics and the fencing, which looks impressive, from the air at least! You two are really going to make this work!
    I hope your grass has survived the very cold winter. Hopefully it was protected under snow for much of the coldest weather, which could otherwise kill off the more delecate species in the mixture. Only time will tell, but this is why late seeding is always a risk.
    We have a litttle more cold weather to come over Easter, but then the soil should warm up and stimulate some growth.
    We will keep an eye on this blog, just to check on you from time to time.
    Well done so far, things are looking good.
    Rob & Dave

  2. carole brown


    All makes me very envious but tired just reading about all the work.
    Is it ok if I share with my grandchildren

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