Christmas Dedication of the Field

In the beginning Willow Farm was just a big field our working title for the small holding project had for years been “Rainbows End”.  At Christmas we camped in the V-dub on the field (confirming the worst of the local suspicions that it had been bought by travellers for a camp!). On boxing day we were joined by family and friends for a toast to the field.

Auntie Jane wrote this wonderful dedication and the picture at the end shows the toast in progress:

To Kate and Ali’s New Field – Written by Auntie Jane to bless this special new place

Hail our first field

Hail Rainbows End

Hail pig and sheep

And fatted hen

Hail sunshine, hail

And April showers

Hail laughter, tears

And works long hours

Hail boundaries

And fence and hedge,

Hail willow, thorn

Wildflower and sedge

Hail each year spent

Along each furrow

Hail tractor, hay fork

Spade and barrow

Hail badger, hedgehog

Crow and rook

Hail every creature

Here who looks

Hail those who

Need to find a home

To settle here

From where they roam

Hail birds and bees

Hail fox and trees

Hail all of these

To meet our needs

Hail friends and neighbours

Families too

And a hearty HAIL

From ME and YOU

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