Arial Views of Willow Farm

Our magnificent friends in their flying machine (Neil and Kate) have taken these fantastic shots of Willow Farm from the air. You can double click any of the pictures to see an enlarged version.

This first one is taken from a North Easterly approach. Willow Farm is the L-shaped field on the middle left of the picture

The second one is closing in from the same angle, the funny marks in the ground in the middle of the picture is the beginning of our fruit and vegatable patch


The next one is from just about due east – although you can’t really make out the fences, you can see the galvenised gates 

The next one is a view from the south shows the fencing more clearly.  We sowed grass and clover in the autumn – come on grass – GROW!! 

Finally a view from the west. The enclosure in the foreground will be fruit, veg, breeding poultry, barn, polytunnel etc. The enclosures in the middle will be livestock and fodder crops. Beyond the furthest fence is where we are planting the woodland.

Thanks to Neil for flying over and to Kate for all the wing-walking involved in getting the right shots!

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