Every mother’s duck is a swan!

Hatching out our own chickens has been a wonderfull thing.  The first 6 were purchased from Ebay and produced Maurice and the girls. We have hatched 3 batches now and currently have the incubator gettting up to temperature for another batch. 3 weeks then to wait and they start to hatch…. a nailbiting 24 hours or so. Then very pretty chicks for a while developing into somewhat scrawny birds as their feathers appear. Currently we have 4 scrawny things downstair in the broody box under the heat lamp, I ‘ll take a photo of in the next few days so show you all. We’ll introduce them to the rest in a few weeks when the weather warms up and they grow some more.

72 of you have visited our blog today already  please leave comments so know what you like best!!!

4 thoughts on “Every mother’s duck is a swan!

  1. Caroline

    Hi Kate

    Lovely to see everything flourishing and taking shape! You have the good life! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. Keep up the good work. Caroline x

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