A bit about Crossway Green

Crossway Green is a small village in Worcestershire, most famous for the landmark pub the Mitre Oak. Just about anyone in Worcestershire and lots of people whose business takes them around the highways of England know the Mitre Oak. Legend has it that St Augustine used to meet the Bishops on this site, and as a result the wooded area to the West of the Mitre Oak is known as Bishop’s Wood.  The village sits between Hartlebury (the seat of the Bishop of Worcester) and Ombersley. Currently part of Ombersley parish, it would appear that Crossway Green has been passed between Ombersley and Hartlebury over the years.

According to the hydrography report we commissioned when considering our water requirements, Willow Farm is just 3km from the beautiful river Severn. This great river travels from Wales to the Bristol channel, and we are hoping to find ways of making it part of our lives – whether walking its banks or messing about in boats.

The best thing about Crossway Green as far as we can work out is the amazingly friendly people who live there. We have been lucky to meet a good number of our neighbours already and the friendliness of the welcome we have received has been quite overwhelming. We’ve had offers of coffee, help with finding a vet, advice on local contractors, offers of help with Hay and Straw supplies, as well as lots of friendly chats. This kind of welcome makes all the difference. We know from experience what a wonderful thing it is to have good neighbours and to be able to be part of a community.

Well folks that’s all for today. I start lambing duties on a friend’s smallholding tomorow and will do my best to keep you posted on this exciting new experience.

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