The miracle of new life

Last night I was not on duty, but Jo and Veronica had promised to ring if anything started happening. At midnight I got a call from Veronica saying one lamb had just been born and although they were not sure if there would be another one or not I was welcome to go over, then she said “oh-oh I’ve got to go”.  I quickly pulled on my clothes and a 10 minute drive later I was arriving at their place.  The new lamb was already on its feet and mum was licking away at it – bonding, drying it off, getting it warm. Within a few minutes mum got up, turned around, lifted her head as if to give a large yawn, and another one just slid out! J&V rubbed it with straw and cleaned its mouth and nose and then pulled it round to mum’s head end so that they could bond.

What an amazing experience. I can’t find the words right now, so I’ll show you the pictures instead:

The one on its feet is the first born
Mum and lamb bonding

The first born lamb was a female and the second a ram lamb. We sprayed their umbilical cords with an iodine spray which acts as a disinfectant and helps the tummy button to heal.
The second born lamb seemed to be struggling to feed, but we left them to try and get on with it.
I came home to bed but J&V checked on them throughout the night. They are a bit concerned about its feeding and have fed it twice by a tube to its stomach – its so important that lambs get the all important first milk. 
I will keep you posted on the little fella’s progress.

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