Tales from a Lambing Widow!

One nights lambing duty and Kate was heard to say that she couldn’t imagine how Mums with small babies managed to get up in the night for feeds etc! I did remind her that Mums didn’t routinely get up and dressed and wander around the field in the rain and dark looking for their offspring! Anyway a good nights sleep the next night and she was restored to her normal exuberant persona ….phew!

News on the little fella is that he is suckling well now and was seen bouncing around yesterday.

We got a call from Veronica yesterday tea time to say that the second ewe was showing signs of starting …. so we  zoomed over there in time to see the first one born and then a second .. both healthy and strong.

Tomorrow we are immersing ourselves in lambing when we attend a days lambing course run by our local smallholders group when we will have the oppertunity to be present at lots of births…. our very own lambing live 🙂 … without Kate Hubble 😦

2 thoughts on “Tales from a Lambing Widow!

    • littleblackpig

      Would be wonderful to catch up. I’ll be around most of the time, but Ali will be based in Worcestershire by then – might be back for the odd weekend. Give us a buzz when you’re back x

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