Lambing on the Menu…. Happy Easter to All!


What a fantastic Easter Sunday…. lamb on the menu from 10 – 4 in Tideswell, where we joined several other of our small holders group in a freezing barn watching lots of lambs being born. Apologies were made to Veronica for getting her there 40 minutes early, hopefully she will accept a lift from us again!

Our tutor Bill was very knowledgeable and also very laid back so gave us the chance to handle the slimy critters and spray each other  and the lambs with iodine and orange marking spray!  We also helped with tail docking …. to reduce the risk of fly strike, a very nasty thing, and also castrating them, which did not seem to trouble them.

Anyway we are home now and whilst waiting for the bath water to heat up we have moved the chicken fencing to give them access to more of the green stuff.

All in all a fabulous Easter Sunday and chilli for tea of course!

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