Ooo Honey Honey…..

 A quiet day here at Broadlands Farm – catching up on some admin and cleaning out the chucks, but we’re off to the Derbyshire Beekepers meeting tonight, and it occurred to me that we haven’t talked about bees yet.

A year ago we knew nothing about beekeeping, now thanks to the Derbyshire Beekeepers and our mentors Jo and Veronica we know a little and we know there is sooo much to learn that it is going to be a lifetime’s work. We have gained some invaluable experience by “borrowing” a hive to look after, and we will be joining a group in Worcestershire and hoping to get our own bees once we are down at Willow Farm.

The main thing to tell you about bees is that they are absolutely fascinating, you don’t need much space to keep bees and we would recommend it to anyone who has an inquiring mind and likes honey!

Here are some pics of us inspecting the hive. I will post another time with some more detail about what they are up to at different times of year.

on opening the hive


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