Ali B. is on the move!

It is happening !!! I am all packed and the car is spic and span, all my i things are synched and tomorrow morning we drive in convoy to Droitwich and only one of us is coming back…. well one and the dog!

It is strange, considering it has been in our plans for ages and I got my job offer on New Years Eve, now it is here, I feel somewhat ill prepared.  This week has been a blur of washing and ironing and waving Kate off to lambing night duty…… no lambs …. don’t ask….anyway gave me chance to indulge in some 80’s chick flics… nothing to do with chickens!

It feels like preparing for the first day of term, new pencil-case, new socks, and polished my shoes and brief case! So now it is all systems go………………

The plan is that Kate should be down early June, the delay is really all about the barn going up as until that can be done we can’t move the chickens down or the sheep, but we have the dates now so we know where we are… me in Droitwich and Kate in Tansley for a while.

Roll on June!

2 thoughts on “Ali B. is on the move!

  1. ann lawcock

    Just thought I’d drop you a line, hope the ‘move’ went well. You know how time flys, Kate will be with you soon.

    Hope you soon settle into your new job and find your feet quickly, I’m sure you will.

    Love & Best Wishes


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