Well, well, well.

Tuesday afternoon I get a text from Kate to say ring me I have some good news!!! Brilliant news the bore hole was being drilled the very next day!!!!!!!! Water on Willow farm….. and to be quite honest a huge sigh of relief as we had been carrying big containers of water over from Kate’s parents house to the field in order to water out veg plot and water is very heavy and the weather has been so hot. So hurrah life would be a bit easier and the veg might survive.

 So at 7 .30 the next morning we were there waiting for the drilling rig to arrive, then I went off to work leaving Kate and Benson on the farm.

When I arrived back at 4.30 the job was nearly done… they had drilled down to 30 metres and found water then gone another 30 metres down .. 60 in total, put in a blue liner and dropped down the pump. This we attached to the little generator Malcolm, Kates hairdresser, gave us and we started to pump water.. a little brown to begin with but then ran clear. So we filled a huge container and gave the veg plot a good old soak.

4 thoughts on “Well, well, well.

  1. Emma

    Haven’t seen mud like that since boxing day!!! Water on Willow farm, yeah!! I wonder if we could drill our back garden??

  2. Alun n Breezy

    Hi farmers,
    Been keeping up with the blog from time to time over the winter and finally made time to interact. Will give you a call soon to find a contact for the bore company and check out costs and how it went as it may have to be an option for the Pyrenees. Back in UK for May catching up with folk.

    Just made some pate from your Pigs Liver today so will let ya know what its like and if good will post the recipe for you.

    Lodas of Love
    Al n Breezy

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