Look back in awe..

Today's addition to the LBP staff!

Hi everyone, its Kate here. I’ve just looked back over the glob and its been almost a month since I posted. April has been quite  month, and now that its over and we have tidied up the maypole after all of yesterday’s dancing I thought I would take a few moments to look back at an amazing month. Fencing completed, bore hole drilled and water now available, lambing, lambing and more lambing – it feels like we have made big moves forward. The next few weeks should see the barn installed and the process of moving machinery and livestock onto the land will be underway by the end of May.

This weekend we built our first scarecrow – Jeffrey – he’s keeping the pidgeons off the grass seed we have sown at broadlands farm to repair the pig damage.

Sorry its a bit short – its been another crazy week!

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