On a more positive note !!

Things are going well down on Willow Farm……

The work commenced this week on the ground works for the barn and Kate and I at last can get more of an idea of what area it will cover and how it will fit in with our chicken, orchard and veg plot plans.

It was a shame that I was at work when the first scoop of soil was removed but Kate was there with Emma to witness this historic moment.


And then by the time I got home from work on the first day they had dug out the whole of the area so we got to see the barn’s footprint for the first time!



So next week the frame starts going up, the following week the concrete cladding, yorkshire boarding and roof go on. Then the floor is done, roller shutter doors fitted and we have a safe, secure and dry storage place for the feed and our equipment. So hopefully by the end of the first week in June we can be moving the tractor etc down from Derbyshire. It is a logistical nightmare but Kate is dealing with it all with good humour.

Other happening things

The veg plot needs more planting doing…… We planted the last cauliflowers this week, but there is so much more to go in.



The chickens move down this week hopefully !

And we start thinking about a solution to our bathroom needs, as the garage 2 roundabouts away is not an ideal solution!

So enough from me, as I am meant to be packing up the linen cupboard……

PS  My new job is going great 🙂

3 thoughts on “On a more positive note !!

  1. melissa dalton

    Well that all looks far more exciting and definitely more progressive than any election programmes have shown themselves to be!
    Keep up the efforts girls.
    M and P

    • littleblackpig

      Thankyou 🙂 We’re just waiting to see what happens – will the chickens go into coalition with the sheep against the pigs….or will the sheep try to govern as the minority species on the holding???????????

  2. Kate Nustedt

    Hellooo there farming wenches!

    I love your blog & it’s great to follow your adventures from the metropolis. Now, where did I leave those muddy boots & gloves? Hope all the animals are happily doing their things and forming productive chick-pig pacts, far more progressive me thinks….

    Wonderful pix:)


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