So much ado …. an Ali B update!

Hi it is ages since I have blogged but now the computer is down in Worcestershire there should be no stopping me. Also it is raining so the little job of rescuing the beans from the weeds will have to wait until this afternoon, when I am assured the rain will stop. So here I am unwashed , unbrushed … what is the point I am going to be filthy later 😉

OOPS!  Just in case you think we have been having a lie in ….. we were up at the field at 4.45 this morning as we have lost over half our chickens in the last 2 weeks and we wanted to try to see what was happening. Some are certainly to Mr Fox but we have not had any carcasses left or blood, just some feathers, and we are talking 30 chickens gone……! So we didn’t see anything, other than signs of where Mr Fox is getting in. So we have a fox plan which involves electricity and earth, which we are going to execute today …. sometime.

Kate has had a mad week driving up and down between homes, sorting out the final stages of the move, roller shutter doors, container delivery and so much other stuff she deserves a medal.

I am absolutely loving my new job, it has all the best bits of my old job and more… Malvern is beautiful, there are good people around and I can make a difference and help people 🙂 Even when I had a referral at 16.45hrs yesterday I was able to go out and do something and be on the road home by 17.30hrs.

So the farm …. what is happening ?

The barn is very nearly finished, the concrete floor is in as of yesterday and we are waiting for the apron to be concreted on Tuesday.

The broody chicken has successfully hatched 4 little chicks and is mothering them well. They are still in the broody box and we are keeping a close eye on them. I’ll take some pictures over the weekend to introduce them .

Kate and I spent one evening recently making up frames for the Bee Hive as we are on the waiting list for a swarm of bees when the local beekeeping groups swarm catcher has one. So we are ready… the hive is in position and waiting ….come on Bees!

The veg plot is coming on, but needs a lot of attention this weekend as the weeds are winning the battle at the moment. My mission is to rescue the beans….thank goodness it is a long weekend!

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