more photos to update on progress so far!

The barn is so nearly finished that we have nearly moved in, this photo was taken in the early days when we were really not sure how big it would be. The guys who have done the groundwork … Tim Pearman and his team have done a fab job and are finishing it off today and tomorrow. Alan Fabrications put up the structure very quickly and we think it looks great. The roller shutter doors are put on this friday then we have safe secure storage for all our kit. We also have a little gas 2 ring cooker so cups of coffee are readily made.

The chickens are settled and no further fox attacks since last friday…. phew!

We are hoping to restock soon as currently each egg is spoken for as we have built up a steady stream of customers.

The veg plot is coming on and the soft fruits looking good.

No pictures of the beans as I didn’t quite finish the rescuing them from the weeds over the weekend, it is a work in progress.

However even though we were saddened by the loss of some of our chickens, these little fellas hatched out.

 So the first new life on Willow Farm!


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