Can’t get enough of the sheep!

One small step for mankind ……….

First tentative steps onto Willow Farm.

  We will let them wean naturally, as the ewes get fed up with being used for a quick snack when the lambs are also grazing well.

   We will also give them the occasional treat!

So having never owned sheep before we now have 10…. lots to learn and experience….. so far so good….

6 thoughts on “Can’t get enough of the sheep!

  1. margaret

    a welsh lass told me about the blog yesterday whilst watchin the footie…so duly signed up today and lo and behold I arrive at Willow Farm with the sheep today…somethin not right about that Kate!

  2. John

    Benson will have to take lessons. If you sit him down comfortably in front od the tele he can watch Shaun the Dheep every afternoon and that should get him ready. You will of course have to buy him a whistle,

  3. John

    As you can see my spelling is failing, I blame the light its difficult to see the marks on this abacus thing, I think the answer is 42

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