The final push……

So Kate has left this early this morning for the final push on getting us moved down from Derbyshire.

She has gone with an empty trailer and her trusty helper .. Mr Ben…. co pilot…. and will be returning tomorrow.

Her schedule for the trip involves  final loading of kitchen stuff and plants, meeting the cleaners, and then handing in the keys tomorrow morning.

In the meantime I am off to let chickens out and gaze at the sheep, then off to work to ….. well … save lives!!

The farm is taking shape and I now have something I always wanted……

An outside tap!!!! 

It is good to see that Kate’s plumbing night classes are coming into their own.

3 thoughts on “The final push……

  1. Emma

    Sheep gazing hey – umm is that like staring at goats? coz if so you should be very careful they might fall over ! lol

  2. John

    Re plumbing;
    Please is there a technical term for the half breeze block suporting the pipe, are the dimensions critical and will bricks do the same job, what happens if Benson recognises a vertical surface and ………well you know what benson does.? ?
    Where does Emma get the time to always be the first to read the blog ? Has she no kids to feed or husband to iron for ? This woman needs work to do !

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