Transition over :-)

So friday was an historic day … as Kate handed back the keys to Broadlands Farm in Derbyshire, thereby completing the transition from Derbyshire to Worcestershire! She then made the final journey with the trailer full of  kitchen bits and bobs and the plants in pots from the front of the house.

As I unloaded, hopefully for the final time the pots that Catriona gave me, severell moves ago, I could’ nt help but think that somewhere she would be laughing, mainly at the sentimentality of travelling around the country with ridiculously heavy stone planters given to me by a dear friend.

So this weekend we have been having a bit of a rest, sharing time with some good friends and visiting the 3 Counties Show at Malvern. We spent lots of time watching the Ryland Sheep judging and I do honestly believe that ours are by far the best I have seen for a long time!! So next year we will be showing ours!!! Come along and see….. June 18th/ 19th 2011.

We have also been running a little bit of a chicken hospital at home as one of the little chicks has been hobbling about. So we brought her home in our transport box… a Maazi take out curry box and kept her warm and fed for 24hrs. She is now back with Mum stronger but kinda hopping!

I love the way Mum has chicks under her keeping warm and safe. I couldnt get a photo of all of them snuggled under but here you can see one of them peeking out!

The raspberries canes given to us by the Stroke group in Derbyshire are now bearing fruit…

And Mr Ben is finally settled, and happy at Willow Farm

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