Update with pictures!

Well what a week!  I have been ill, 3 days in bed that I did not really know anything about and off work for the whole week! Then today, feeling better, I was helping out on the farm and have picked up a tan and now look far too well to go back to work tomorrow!!!

Anyway enough about that…. what has been happening at Willow Farm…………

You probably are thinking that poor Kate, having had to look after me for a whole week, has probably been driven to throwing herself off the roof of the chicken house. Well you are wrong!

One of the things we have achieved this weekend has been erecting the 2 nd poultryman 50 hen-house we have moved down from Matlock. This picture shows Kate multi tasking….. finishing off screwing down the roof and sorting out her tan line in readiness for Kirsty and Steve’s wedding next weekend.

On the subject of next weeks wedding… Kate has arranged to collect our latest batch of pigs that morning, so we may be squealing in on 2 wheels….. 1. 15 pm we ‘ll be there!

Our current pigs are settling in very well and are now coming for scratching and playing.

This one is just having a bit of a sit down, resting on the water trough.

It amazes me how we have any tomatoes at all, as it has been so dry

These were not meant to be miniature cauliflowers, but the rabbits have been having a feast of their leaves ever since we planted them. Anyway we had 1 each for tea… delicious.

And the bees keep buzzing. Hive inspection today was very positive.

Hive inspection means opening it up and checking each frame, for evidence of the Queen, checking for stores and brood and any sign of disease. It is a weekly job at the present.

So a few pictures to show the latest happening things on the farm. What I haven’t shown are our new little  Old English Game Bird chicks that one of our neighbours gave us, as he had too many. They are very sweet and quite unusual. And of course the sheep are doing well. I tried to get a picture of Kermit the Ram today but he was so delighted to see me I didn’t have time before he was leaning against me wanting my full attention.

So life continues to be good… the grass is growing, and the hens are laying 🙂

One thought on “Update with pictures!

  1. Lynda Peachey

    Hi! 🙂 Always love your reports – now that I’ve been there and seen for myself I understand what and who you talk about. Give my love to that big softie, Kermit. Happy you are well again. Big Love xx

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