Pearls before swine!

So yesterday was Kirsty and Steve’s wedding and the arrival of our new 3 little pigs.

Kate was up and off early ( 5 o’clock ) to collect them and arrived back at the farm at 9.45. Then a quick unload and we were off to change and take our places sharing in the celebrations and ceromony.

Kirsty looked beautiful as we had expected, John was so very proud to walk her down the aisle, and Steve was just as every bridegroom should be, nervous before and proud as punch once the ceremony was over. A lovely couple loved by everyone. I cried of course but Jenny I think won the prize as chief weeper 🙂

So leaving the party early I returned to Willow farm took off my pearls and fed the pigs.

For some reason they slept under the chicken house and refused to sleep in their shiny new house!

One thought on “Pearls before swine!

  1. melissa dalton

    aah they look so cute! Glad you 2 are still enjoying the good life.
    Just back from 2 weeks en france, where we had our own herd of deer in the back yard and get this-wild boar at the top of the road in our wood! Bruce was in his element as Bear Grylls/Ray Mears imaging all the different ways to a) stalk b) ambush and c) run very quickly away from having failed in any attempt at slaughter!! Keep up the good work/life
    Love M and P

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