Introducing Elvis !



This week has been another busy week on Willow Farm….. water pipes are being laid and taps are popping up in useful places. It is now no great chew to run a hose to the veg plot or fill up the pigs water troughs. That plumbing course of Kate’s has proved very useful. 

One of our neighbouring smallholders gave us a couple of cockerels this week.  I have named them Elvis and Rocky, and Kate is humoring me! Elvis is the son of Rocky but top cockerel, having won a tussle with Dad when he arrived. 

Elvis struts around King of the roost, looking I think you’ll agree, mighty fine. 

Oh and Mr Ben is absolutely loving his new life on the farm, although he was sporting his coat yesterday as there was a chill in the air. However today he has been entertaining friends and having/ chasing a ball. 

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