Jam and Jerusalem

So Jam and Jerusalem hey!!!!! 

Kate and I were talking the other evening and apparently I came up with a brilliant idea….. and so thoroughly encouraged I have given our details to the local WI federation and said that we are offering talks on … Starting a smallholding……. Keeping Pigs……… Keeping Sheep…….. Keeping Bees…….. and Keeping Chickens!!!! I have also said we are available at short notice!! Apparently following our application we have to do a 10 mins taster talk to a panel of members who decide whether we are good enough to go in a book that is circulated throughout the federation( County).  We are quite nervously excited as we are beginning to run out of people to bore/ talk to about our adventure. We also can use it as a huge learning experience to find out more what people want…. we are particularly interested in knits as we are trying to work out how to convert our fleeces to yarn! 


This is Robin who shares a field with Kermit, Kermit is his Dad not his uncle as in the Muppets but heyho! 

Apparently shearling fleece ie the fleeces of the new lambs on first shearing is quite exceptional, so we are planning on holding onto most of the lambs until after then and to sell them as hoggett. We had our first taste of hogget  18months ago when we had some that our friends, Jo and Veronica, the Rylands original owners had produced. It is fantastic, so much more flavour than lamb, delicious!!! Well worth waiting for. 

While we are talking about Jam, Kate and her Mum have been making Willow Farm Hedgerow Jam today having picked, plums, blackberries, elderberries, haws, and apples from our hedges. Tastes amazingly good! 

So all is good on the farm…. Kate is off on her hols next week and I am in charge and taking the week off work to attend to the livestocks every whim. 

Scratch me a little more to the right!

4 thoughts on “Jam and Jerusalem

  1. Lynda Peachey

    What a fantastic idea! I’m exercising my grey matter, imagining you two being auditioned by the WI. If you feel yourself trembling with fear or your confidence slipping away, just picture your interrogators as, Miss January, Miss February, Miss … 🙂

  2. Sam Merridale

    Love the Jam and Jerusalem idea! My new mother-in-law does quite a lot for the WI and I shall mention it to her. Incidentally, Kate Rusby, the girl who sings that wonderful song – The Village Green Appreciation Society – went to school with my sister. Just a bit of trivia for you!! Good luck – love reading your blogs. Sam x

  3. Jen

    I think Robin might have a promising Hollywood career ahead – maybe the remake of Baachester Chronicles? (sorry – that was the best I could do this early in the morning!). JenX

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