Ali in charge !!

So Kate went off on her holidays yesterday and I said I’d only ring her in an emergency …… so one phone call and one text later I thought I would get everything else off my chest with a blog!

I found one of the Old English Game birds dead yesterday evening…. no sign as to what of, not foxed, just lying on his or her side …. dead…… and I had to pick it up and dispose of it…. Well I have picked it up and it is in a bucket in the barn…. I am going to have to do something with it before Kate comes back ! So that was I the first YIKES COME BACK KATE  moment !

The second YIKES COME BACK KATE  moment was when I saw this …….

So one of our pigs … and I think it is Pamela, who is one of the 2 we are going to keep as our breeding sows….. hmn it is not too late to change our minds about which 2 we are keeping!!!

So my Mum has come up for a few days to keep me company, and she is proving to be very useful around the farm

So with her help I am almost ahead of the game ….. we weather proofed the old chicken shed … due for restocking early September… and I have done a bee inspection and they are all there, give or take a few!

So really I am doing alright…. only 6 more sleeps and Kate is back to take over again………. if I let her 😉

3 thoughts on “Ali in charge !!

  1. Jim and Jane

    Please forgive our ignorance of such matters, despite living in the heart of pig farm country (East Yorkshire), but what crime had the pig committed ? It looks really innocent to us.

    • littleblackpig

      Yes she may look innocent …. but she is eating the chickens food, and also knocking it over and spilling it on the ground. Chickenomics are touch and go at the moment with us needing to produce 40 eggs a day and currently we are only producing 30 …. 25 yesterday….. was the down turn due to Pamela!!!!!!?????

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