Ali in Charge update …….

So 2 more sleeps and I meet Kate in Ludlow at the Ryland 93rd Official Breed Show and Sale! ….. and I will have hooked up the trailer and driven it all the way there on my own… well maybe with Mr Ben co- piloting!

I have had a great week so far, although having taken Mum home yesterday for a well deserved rest, today the sun has deserted me too, not that I am saying Mum deserted me… it was always planned for her to go home on wednesday… I did not work her too hard …. honestly 🙂

So today it was just me and the pigs, sheep and chickens, Mr Ben and the rain… well after my good friends Eric and Margaret had finished cooking me breakfast and continued on their way to Bristol. We had worried about being a little isolated on the farm but we do have people calling by lots… which we love!

So today a wet  and rather cold day… there were lots of Barn jobs to be done……however…… as I think it will be raining again tomorrow… . I thought I would save them until then and lost myself in a book in the caravan. So today Kate don’t come back too soon, I ‘ve got a bit of catch up to do tomorrow……. yikes!

One thought on “Ali in Charge update …….

  1. Emma

    Hi Ali! Glad to hear you’re having a good time! Can’t believe the rain has only just got to you it’s been chucking it down here for days!! Which makes the polands look very punk lol. My holiday got off to a great start on Monday night I managed to put my back out – stupid plank that I am I bent down to pick something up off the floor – To wit I have learned two things firstly; bend at the knees and secondly tidiness is not worth bodily injury! Any how I’m up to my eyeballs in Diclofenac and Paracetamol and feeling quite good now !

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