So Ali being in charge is nearly over …… or ……Kate back tomorrow HURRAH!!!

So being in charge sounds great and it is not so bad but…… when it was raining and cold yesterday I found my thoughts wandering to going back to work on Tuesday, in a kinda wistful … longing way!

But I have done well 🙂

Only one death!

One of the Old English Games birds….. who is no longer in the bucket in the barn!

The sheep are all well and happy !


Robin has not chased Mr Ben the Brave !

I think he is doing that old …. if I don’t look at you … you are not there trick!

The pigs and I have all had a few afternoon snoozes…. not together, just at the same sort of time.

I have been busy in the veg plot too, using my renown bodge it skills I have planted out some cabbages and put up a rabbit/ pigeon proof construction.

 Using some of the netting given to me as part of my leaving present from Derbyshire 🙂

So it has been a good week, and I have enjoyed it …. but it is more fun with two. So looking forward to Kate’s return…. I have a list of jobs for us to do together over the weekend…. but of course we are off to the Ryland Show and Sale tomorrow so will hopefully have a couple at least of new members of our flock to show you soon…. the quarantine pen is all ready, and as long as I hitch up the trailer correctly tomorrow we can go shopping for sheep!

3 thoughts on “So Ali being in charge is nearly over …… or ……Kate back tomorrow HURRAH!!!

  1. kate Stanyon

    Glad to hear you have been able to use something out of the assortment of things we gave you when you left….Ha ha!!!!!

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