The Ryland Show and Sale….Kate and Ali go shopping!!!

Hey guess who managed to hitch the trailer up, get the lights working and drive to Ludlow to meet Kate… oh I have given it away …shucks! After a sleepless night, slightly worried about towing the trailer, and where and how I was going to park when I got there, I wended my way to Ludlow and met Kate who was looking wonderfully relaxed after her hols.

We had our show and sale programme, which I had been trying to understand / interpret the day before, and had a good look at the sheep on show and tried to second guess the judges as to who would win the prizes. We met lots of other Ryland enthusiasts, and had a great morning. After 2 cups of caffeinated coffee the sale was almost too much to bear! The shearlings (1 year olds) were first on the programme before the Breeding ewes, and before we got to our section I nearly had decided I would just wait outside for Kate to tell me how we had done, it was just too much excitement for me!!!

We had gone with a plan and a budget, the plan being to get up to 3 breeding ewes, who had done it before….. lambed….. so that we would be the only novices around at lambing time. That way we would have 6 ewes to be serviced / tupped by Kermit in October, hopefully resulting in 12 lambs 🙂 We would also have another 3 fleeces to go to the Natural Fibre Company ….. their minimum order  I think is 20kg which yields about 12 – 15 kg of wool. So with our current 10 and 3 new girls we may make it.

Anyway back to the sale ………. there was a pen of 5 ewes we had had a good look at and were interested in, and we were planning on bidding on them and any ewes that had been placed in the show.

So Kate did the bidding, and we bought the 3rd placed ewe and 2 of the pen of 5. So we bought 3 good  to add to our flock. We then loaded them up and I drove them home to Willow Farm.


So we put them into a temporary pen for 24 hours and fenced off a new enclosure for them behind the barn for 4 weeks of quarantine before we introduced them to our original girls.

Moving them went like clockwork!!!!!!!

but soon enough they were enjoying their new home and we ….. well we were chuffed to bits 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Ryland Show and Sale….Kate and Ali go shopping!!!

  1. John

    Are the others jealous of the Gold Rosette that one new ewe has got. It looks a bit like a Mayoral Chain from the pic,
    You watch the’ll all be appearing with necklaces on !

    • littleblackpig

      Actually we are hoping a little bit of rosette envy may encourage the rest of the flock to step up to the mark as we are talking about entering some shows next year, to show off the sheep and win some more!

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