Business as usual ……

So this week after the Bank Holiday business returned to usual with Ali B off to work, saving lives etc and Kate back in charge of Willow Farm, catching up on the outstanding jobs.

I think I need to just say that although I may have kinda made out that I ran the show the week before brilliantly, turning my hand to every task I was faced with easily and a cheery smile ….. I am actually not that perfect! ie. I had a hissy fit last weekend whilst cleaning out the chickens and actually shouted at them as they were making such a racket and I was only trying to make it better for them…….. I also swore at the tractor when I could not disengage the PTO ( power take off) thing from the back… you need such strong hands it is nigh on impossible to take off. However my week in charge did make me realise that there are lots of things it is easier with 2 to do and I have been trying very hard this weekend to be more useful…… although my 2 hour snooze this afternoon was essential.

Anyway with that off my chest, I’ ll update you on the weeks doings 🙂

We now have 100 ish chickens as Kate went off to Derbyshire on Thursday and picked up another 50 hybrid layers, so we should still have plenty of eggs over the winter when they normally drop off the quantity they lay. They are settled in the hen house Mum and I painted recently and despite 2 nights of being pretty stupid and settling under the house to sleep, so needing us scrabbling around putting them to bed, tonight they have all gone in and perched!!! We have moved Rocky in with them as he was still being a bit bullied by Elvis.

We have wormed and dagged a few of the sheep who are scouring…… not the pots and pans, and between Kate’s Dad, Peter and myself we have helped Kate trim their feet…. and we were also out in the rain this morning vaccinating our new sheep against clostridial disease.

We inspected the bees and Kate got stung, Kate refenced the chickens, I did a bit of topping, and we got the pigs ready for slaughter tomorrow by putting their ear tags in.

We have also been making enquiries about our next batch of pigs as 3 are off tomorrow and the next 3 in November and as we are beginning to have a waiting list, with all of them sold, we need to source our next weaners. We have heard of a batch near Bromsgrove of which there would be a potential lad to be kept on as our boar!

It has not all been hard work though ……. yesterday late afternoon as we were sat looking over the farm, Kate said ‘ what is Ben doing up there’…. he was right beside me… but what Kate had seen was a Deer, just Ben’s colour up in the top field.

This is where he was, but he just bounced over the fence as we got close!

So we just sat down and fed the lambs.

So our first Willow Farm pigs go off tomorrow, and Kate starts college on Wednesday, then delivering 1/2 pig freezer packs on Friday and Saturday!

It is all go but we are still enjoying living our dream!

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