Busy week, slightly worn out but hey ho it is the weekend!!!

What do we have in common with our generator ………. all slightly worn out but still working!!!

We have been so fortunate and blessed by kindnesses shown to us ….. this generator used to belong to Malcolm who cut Kate’s hair in Matlock. He had used it when building his dream in Derbyshire and Kate stripped it down, ordered some replacement bits and pieces, all overseen and advised by Neil ( we miss you ). It is still going strong despite looking worse for wear and being a bit tatty, similar to Kate and myself!!

Anyway this week has been a little bit tough…. I have had a busy week at work, Kate started college, the pigs went to slaughter, and Kate fell down some steps at the butchers and sprained her ankle!!!!!!!    Seemed a bit mercenary to take a picture…. I thought about it though 😉    At least it is not broken we say with a wry smile …….. so she can drive, and has done… down to London to deliver 3 boxes of pork. But what she can’t do is walk and carry things very well……. so on the positive side…. the VAT return will get done and all the sitting down jobs, website update too hopefully…… hey she may even blog!  I therefore will be on pig and chicken duty for the next week, but the road to the motorway is shut for a week so I may as well drive past the farm and through them some food, so all in all, it could n’t have worked out better!!  Except for the pain Kate is in ….. of course !!!

Pork looks good, praise from the butcher and awaiting feedback from our customers…………….

4 thoughts on “Busy week, slightly worn out but hey ho it is the weekend!!!

  1. Pie

    Poor Kate. At least she has a lovely walking stick.

    We had sausages from our box for breakfast this morning and they were delicious. So much so we’re having them tea as well. The belly is waiting to be cured into bacon. I’ll send you some when it’s ready if you like, or is that a bit coals to Newcastle? xx

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