Tupping !

We have learnt and are learning a whole new language in this adventure and being mindful that our blog followers may need the occasional bit of help, I thought a bit of info on tupping, would be useful.

A tup is an uncastrated male sheep such as our Kermit

Now Kermit, has been getting ready to tup, to copulate with a ewe, well he hasn’t actually been doing anything more than gazing starry-eyed at the girls, but we have been getting him ready. For this we have given him regular manicures, as being able to stand on his back legs is kind of important and apparently difficult if his feet are in poor repair and hooves not regularly trimmed. We have also been trying to make sure he is not over weight……. he is a grand chap but just about ok.

The girls on the other hand, well we have been preparing them too. Our new 3 are still in quarantine, but looking good and quite well and happy. Our original 3 we were told by the vet this week are a bit fat for tupping. It is all about condition scoring them and they need to be on a rising gradient towards optimum tupping score of 3 – 3+ around tupping time. So this morning I have put in a row of electric fence posts and this afternoon will be stringing the wire and restricting the ewes grazing to a smaller patch in order that they are not even fatter by October. So a bit of a diet now and then an all you can eat buffet……. and Kermit………the moonlight………… and then hopefully lambing in March 🙂

So that is the lesson nearly over…… but a thought to leave you with……. tupperware !!!!!!!!

Now I wonder what we need to learn for breeding with Pamela and Dawn next April………………………………………

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