Oh my goodness a poorly sheep …… oh no it is just Glamourpuss fallen over….. phew!!!!!

No pictures I am afraid …. mainly because we were afraid that we had a poorly sheep on our hands!

The story goes something like this…….

Kate and I were up at the farm early this morning, after all it was my day off and what better thing to do than work all day on the farm    🙂

So as Kate was telling me all the jobs to be done we looked at our 3 new sheep and said as we were vaccinating them against blue tongue and clostridial disease later we need not have a good look at them yet.

So we carried on to the other 3 ewes and then suddenly looking back at the others noticed one on the ground on its side looking rather weird!!!!!

Kate thought its back leg was twitching, I thought it may be dead!!!!!

 So Kate sent Ben away, and we investigated ……………………………. and it was Glamourpuss our 3 prize winner in the Ryeland Ewe show .

So I got up to where she was laid, and well ………..

she looked OK!

She had fallen over onto her side and could not get herself up onto 4 legs. So one quick push and she was right as rain……… PHEW!!!!

Mind ewe, later today we were cursing her as we had great difficulty catching the 3 of them to inject them.

The 3 of them are very wary of being herded into a pen so we managed to get the other 2 but Glamourpuss evaded our every move……

Anyway after lots of  attempts, we eventually got them with the help of a posse made up of Helen, Peter and Susan, and with great relief we jabbed Glamourpuss so our vaccination programme for the new sheep has been completed.



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