Many hands make light work……..We have always appreciated friends….. never more than right now!

Friends have always been important to both of us….. and now that we are putting down roots in Worcestershire and are heavily committed time wise to our livestock and general farm stuff, we are not as able to spend time away visiting as we have previously. We have been fortunate that lots of friends have made the time to come and see us and everyone is more than welcome.

Lynda and Joyce were some of our earliest visitors, driving down from Edinburgh and finding that it did not take any longer than to Matlock as the motorway is quite direct. They stayed the weekend we weaned the lambs, so for their help moving sheep around the farm they were treated to a night full of baleful bleating as the ewes called to their lambs. I remember clearly after lunch one day them both demanding to know what their next task was to be…. when all I wanted was a snooze, their enthusiasm and energy was greatly appreciated and we put them to good use!

Mel and Candy came and stayed with their caravan and Benson appreciated catching  up with his old friend Jasper, however now that they have bought their new place with land in Wales, they will find themselves a bit more tied, but we hope to catch up again soon.

This weekend just gone was a bit rainy but Rhain came to stay and helped Kate build a pig arc for the pigs that are coming this Saturday. Well Kate helped Rhian… who was brill! I made tea and coffee and food and sat in the caravan for most of the time reading 🙂

A craftswoman at work
Ben thinks he is getting a new kennel

The finished article was towed into place late Sunday afternoon and is now full of straw and ready.

We also had Adam ( honorary cousin) to stay on Sunday night, he had been banished by Cousin Tony from Yorkshire and sent to have a holiday with us. This was so he would be rested and ready to resume his duties on Wednesday as Tony’s right hand man, at his furniture emporium, whilst Tony took some well deserved paternity leave 🙂  However Jane obviously was worried about us using and abusing Adam so produced their….. Tony and Jane’s daughter slightly early 🙂 Congratulations again 🙂   ….. So anyway Adam was roused out of bed at 7am on Monday and put to work building raised beds until he managed to escape back to the North.

This evening has been beautiful at the farm, Kate has dug her soil samples ready for college tomorrow. I have collected 50 + eggs and found and lost again Ben’s tennis ball. I have driven the tractor and Kate has ……

Farmer Kate

worked hard and the dishes got done 🙂

Red sky at night!

2 thoughts on “Many hands make light work……..We have always appreciated friends….. never more than right now!

  1. Lynda Peachey

    I’m always delighted to read your stories 🙂 Thanks for the mention in this latest bulletin – I have to say, my chest is only starting to feel relief from all the nasty chesty symptoms after inhaling half of the meadow while mowing- and daydreaming of the Tynecastle turf (football reference!) 🙂
    Please please pass on my regards, best wishes and congratulations to Jane and Tony. I’m delighted to hear about the safe arrival of a daughter for them to moon over. Has she been named yet?
    Missing you both ….. and ben, of course xx

    • littleblackpig

      Hey Lynda, I just wish I had had my camera out when you were trundling up and down with the mower in those hazy summer days!
      Come back soon, but bring your wooly 🙂
      I think Tony and Jane are naming their daughter Molly, though not sure of spelling.

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