Benson sports a new collar and the Beeb come to visit!

So Monday morning I bought Ben a new collar…. his old blue thing was looking tatty and having absconded up the lane and visited Derek in his kitchen it seems wise to put a tag on him. Then people can call him by name and ring Kate to let her know he has moved out and is eating pizza and watching TV round at theirs 🙂

Another reason to buy him a new collar was because the BBC were coming over that afternoon with a film crew. Ok so it was Kate they were really interested in, however Benson might as well look his best.

So the BBC were interested in talking to Kate about her management consultancy experiences in the 90’s and also what she is up to now….. all part of a series of programmes out next April on BBC 2 . Obviously prior to this Kate had definite radio hair, so a quick trip to see Jane was called for, then she was camera ready 🙂

All in all I reckon they were with her for about 4 -5 hours, partly at the house in Droitwich and partly up at the farm. It was a beautiful day so the farm, if it doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor, will look gorgeous. They were lovely guys, and made us both  feel at ease and made all the right noises about what we are doing now. 

So that was it our 15 minutes of fame!

Has it changed us……………not in the least ….. Kate has left this morning to go to feed the animals and then head off to college having done her cow project last night ready for handing in today. I am up, showered and ready to head off to Malvern to save some lives……..then rendevous at the farm after work to catch up on some jobs before dark……………. 🙂

Life is wonderful…. if getting a little colder.

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