Sunday …. Sunday !!

Once upon a time we enjoyed nothing better than a lie in on a Sunday morning, maybe the paper, coffee and the Archers omnibus 🙂

This morning the plan was that Kate got a lie in …… followed by the ironing…………. and I was on duty first thing and cleaning out the chicken houses!

First time this year to scrape the ice off the car at 6.45 am and off to the farm.

What a beautiful sunrise !

 So open up the hen houses, feed the pigs, give all the livestock fresh water………….. then bacon and egg sandwich for the worker 🙂

 So on to the next job …….chicken house cleaning………… 😦  the worst job of the week !

But the chickens are really quite comical and do give great eggs.

So by 1pm I am all done….. ok so there are more jobs to be done…. but a quick trip to the garage and a Sunday newspaper, sitting in the sun and I check my phone to find that Kate  and Neil who flew over earlier have landed in Droitwich and so Kate is released from the ironing to go fetch them over!!

Great to see them, and so easy, when you have built your own plane and can fly, to pop over……………. maybe some ariel photos too 🙂

All too soon they were off, back to Derbyshire………

and we were off back to Willow Farm

and now I am off for a bath 🙂

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