Ariel photos October 17th 2010

Wow what can we say….. we knew that we had been making progress but these shots taken by our flying friends Neil and Kate really show the progress so far 🙂

So a quick down memory lane…………….No fences, no barn, no water, no livestock  ………. end of March 2010        

then the Whitsun fly past and you can see grass, a barn, a bore hole and a chicken house.


                                  Now the latest photos show so much more ………….the pig arcs, chicken houses, raised beds, our little caravan for emergencies, and even me in my red overalls 🙂

Phew it is no wonder we are tired……….. but happy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ariel photos October 17th 2010

  1. littleblackpig

    Don’t fret …. they are all still there although Kermit and Robin do seem to have been a bit camera shy. If you click on the photos you can make them bigger and just make out the 6 ewes below the chickens and a few of the lambs in the north facing field.
    I’d like to think that it is due to Kermit being on a diet that you cant see him, however that is not the case. The diet was going well until we had to use his fencing to provide a more visible barrier for our naughty piglets. Now he is roaming freely over the massive field and the new fencing doesn’t come in until the end of the week.
    Any how he has been spotted looking adoringly at Glamourpuss so we are hopeful he will do his stuff next month and then ….. lambs in the Spring 🙂

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