Life as we Know it …………….

What a busy week!!!!!!

As it gets ever darker earlier in the evenings we are really up against the clock in the sky at the end of each day. On a Wednesday and Thursday Kate is at college over Warwick way and on those 2 days I am trying to work 10 – 6 and thereby doing the morning rounds before going to work. Then whichever of us is back at the field first….hopefully Kate………… throws some feed at the pigs, collects the eggs and shuts in the chickens. Now they are all in bed by 6.35 so we are done then. When the clocks go back we will really be up against it and the automatic door closer on one chicken house this week has been shutting them out!!!

So one of tomorrows jobs is to try and change the sensitivity of that one and put the other one on the other 50 bird house.

Today we did nothing but the essentials 🙂 as we scooted up to Wressle in Yorkshire to meet Molly ……….. Tony and Jane’s daughter………..2 and a half weeks old and just wonderful and tiny and ……….just great and they are looking so well…………and proud and so they should. No pictures were taken 😦 but next time to be sure we will take lots!

So tomorrow =  jobs and the forecast is good so hurrah 🙂

On the menu is a little light topping, general tidy up, bonfire, clean the mould out of the fridge, wash the dogs coat ( he rolled in something awful in today!) and that is about it. Oh yes there is an Apple fair on locally we must go to as we are still planning our orchard and want delicious local apples:-)

The great thing about next week being half term is that one of Kate’s college mates is coming over for 3 days to gain some work experience 🙂 🙂 so no chicken cleaning out for me 🙂

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