Sheep and everything else that is happening!

So I am aware that there were concerns that the sheep were missing…………they aren’t! In fact we have some sheep lodging with us for a while, 45 mules……..which are sheep ( ugly sheep) not like our Ryelands in that they run away from us. However they will eat the grass and fertilise the ground and do provide 40p per week per head, so OK we are not raking it in but it all helps 🙂

The other sheep, the beautiful ones, are all ok and soon to be having Kermit over to their field for a while. One of the jobs this weekend coming is to try the raddle harness on Kermit so that could be a possible job for Charlotte and Kate 🙂

Other news is that Benson go a new jumper ….. equafleece……. fabulous and he has worn it almost non stop, he has a green one too for special occasions!

Uncle John came and inspected us and I think we passed the test. It was lovely to see him and to share in the experience of him seeing the farm for the first time for real. He is an avid blog follower so his feedback was valuable.

The 2nd batch of pork was delivered and collected last weekend and we were really glad we had set aside 1/2 a pig for us …………as it was / is delicious and we have had good feedback from our customers too 🙂

We are currently in the process of getting order forms out to all those who have expressed an interest in our next ( February 2011) batch, which I think are nearly all sold, so we are on the lookout for another batch of weaners!

So life continues in its own hectic way….. Kate is full of cold and struggling a bit this week. I am a bit tired and have lost lots of things I need… my glasses….. my id card for work….. all found but adding to the general busyness of our lives. Also…………… is so dark so early 😦 

Hey ho !!

6 thoughts on “Sheep and everything else that is happening!

  1. Emma

    Ok I know this is probably a stupid question but, what is a raddle harness?

    I love Bensons jumper very fetching! I think someone should invent something similar for chickens my girl’s are getting very muddy! Oh and maybe little chicken shaped wellies too – that would be good!

  2. John

    Of course I approve, every thing is going along fine at Willow Tree Farm. Kermit is a fine specimen and very , very strong – those ewes will know they’ve been ‘visited’ when he goes among em.
    Incidently the sausages are really good, I had to restrain myself or severley over do it whith the lovely juicy appley bangers. i am thinking up a recipe to use with the sausage meat, Nigel suggests making Scotch eggs with Willow Tree eggs, little bluey white ones. Trouble is they don’t last long enough, they get scoffed.
    Tell Emma that the Raddle Harness is to hold the coloured block under Kermit’s tummie so he marks all his “Lovers” when he visits them and then Kate can count em up and see how busy he’s been.
    Incidently you wouldn’t believe how superior Benson behaves in his Hunting Pink coat.

  3. littleblackpig

    Hey thanks for all the positive feedback about the sausages and pork 🙂
    I will post after the weekend on the raddle harness exploits and also having had Ben in the car with me at work today realise his red coat smells so will post photo of him in his clean green coat soon!!!!

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