So what did you do with your long weekend …….. or more to the point….Meg came to visit!!!!!

A  long weekend ………………. what bliss!!

So three days into it with one to go we have achieved so very much…… mainly due to having had Meg come to visit 🙂

Well actually gorgeous as Meg is, it was actually her owners,  Kate and Charlotte ,who provided the hard graft this weekend, which has given us a real head start on the week. The chickens were cleaned out in record time and the troughs and feeders disinfected and refilled, the barn was swept within an inch of its life and bits and bobs moved … including the wood pile!!! Thankyou both so much 🙂

We also had a lovely meal in the barn yesterday eve watching various firework displays over Worcestershire …. although we also had just about every gas cylinder we possess run out. So we had pork chops for starters , followed by sausages mash and purple sprouting 🙂 All in the semi gloom…… light is such a vital commodity and we have not found the answer yet:-/

The wather has been fab….. but very cold. We have a slightly limpy ewe which we are watching at the moment… we had a good look at her feet yesterday but are not convinced it is not some orthopaedic thing….. we will look again tomorrow………. a good shepherd walks his/ her flock daily…..

The main tussle of the day has got to be attaching the 4 in 1 loader to the front of the tractor………….. it took about 2 hours of nudging and hefting and jumping about in the bucket !!!!!!!

The 4 in 1 loader is the thing on the front of the tractor that grabs things and carrys things and drops things……….. and is also a pain to attach.

So now it is on it will stay on I guess ………….. but it was very useful for moving the 2 bags of logs we acquired at a local sale recently…..

So all in all a good weekend ….. I nearly cried this afternoon when I was so very tired and I couldn’t get the chain harrows on the tractor to move them into the barn…. but hey ho Kate was there at hand and a few minutes later Emma and her little helpers Daniel and Annie were there with apple mash and total over enthusiasm so we sorted it all out…. and the Jenny arrived so another willing pair of spare hands 🙂  Help always  gratefully received 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “So what did you do with your long weekend …….. or more to the point….Meg came to visit!!!!!

  1. Kate Nustedt

    Thank you so much for great w’end of farming! Meg, & both of us loved it! Glad to see you got the 4 in 1 attached. Ali – you look v happy with your load there! Pork & sausages by candlelight were delic:) Beautiful countryside, lucky with the weather, & wonderful to see you both so happy & living your dream xxx

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