How to get your hands on our tasty pork!!

I have spent this evening updating our sales enquiry forms and printing off a load of them, along with our information brochure. I then thought I would add it to the blog ….. but I can’t I also can’t add it too our website as that is in the process of being updated and I can’t mess about with it myself 😦

So if you are interested in buying a 1/2 pig freezer pack whilst the technology is letting us down …. email Kate at and she will put you on the waiting list or slot you into a batch.

What has given rise to this little flurry of activity is that I have just phoned a breeder of Saddlebacks in Shropshire and we are off on Sunday to collect 6 more little weaners 🙂

I have also spent a little time sorting through our photos this evening for the calender I am making….. digital cameras are great I have so many photos to choose from. I also did a little down memory lane trip with this one

This is a year we won’t forget in a hurry!

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