A moving tale……. the sheep move around and new little piglets move on to the farm :-)

So Saturday was the big day when Kermit, our ram, got to join the ladies for a bit of romance etc ……..

But first we had to separate the lambs from the ewes, then move Kermit through, separating him from Robin, and then move the 5 lambs in with the Robster…………simples ūüôā

We had a willing posse to help

we had sheep hurdles, and Daniel :-0

So to cut a long story very short lets just say we achieved¬†our objective, but have a whole heap of learning points ready for next year, one being not to start at 3pm as it is difficult to find the lamb that got away when it is getting dimpsy! Kermit was no trouble at all to move……. but then on Sunday when we walked the flock, he virtually ignored us, just strutted past….. other things on his mind I guess!

The very observant of you will notice a rather weird splodge¬†of yellow on his chest, well … the raddle¬†harness did not fit. That is a device¬†the Ram wears to hold the crayon which then marks the ewes backs when he has been up close and personal with them ūüėČ So Kate got culinary in the barn and made up some yellow marker we put on his chest.


¬†On Sunday, Kate drove to Oswestry¬†to collect our latest batch of weaners ūüôā 6 little pigs this time who had their first experience of outdoor living amongst the chickens …. who at the moment rule the roost!!

and we also moved our lambs onto new grazing ….. so easily ūüôā

And¬† a busy week is¬†unfolding for us… Kate is madly lemon curding, in readiness for a Christmas fair we have a stall at …..¬†and I am hindering a fair bit…… loosing things mainly….¬†my purse yesterday( found now)¬†and worse still¬†this morning I have lost Kate’s car keys…… so despite a big search not found them and she has taken my car to open up and get the spares from the barn :-/ Hey ho busy busy busy !!

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