Cold enough????!!

So what effect is this cold snap having?


Well …. water is an issue……. we have lots of ice!!      So we drain the water tank each evening , we have a little tank on top of the bore hole pump, but are currently draining it and pulling in the hose reels. So first job in the morning after feeding the pigs and letting out the chickens and opening the nesting boxes … is to break the ice in the troughs and bird feeders.  Early part of the week….. easy……but not so easy today…. and the water had refrozen by lunchtime. The pigs however seemed to quite like a plain water flavoured slush puppy!

So Kate has been lagging today …….. well actually Kate has been quite bossy today :-/ !!!! I know it is difficult to imagine!!

Today James came to work for his first day 🙂 It was brilliant……. we got so much achieved ……. I had a snooze 🙂 and all the jobs got done.

Poor James … not the warmest day to start work!

We also have Rhian staying and being put to work with her joinery skills. So she has worked hard all day and moved project clean room along.

I on the other hand have been home all afternoon, been to the library, had a snooze, and cooked an amazing veggie lasagna 🙂

However it is not yet 8 pm, we have not eaten, Rhian has gone for a lie down as we have worked her to a frazzle, and Kate……. fabulous Kate…… is snoring on the settee beside me!! I have turned the lasagna off….. poured a glass of wine.. and am listening to Leonard Cohen!!  So it may well be lasagna tomorrow for tea… when the vegetarian amongst us has gone back to London:-(

So other news ……………………..

Kate and I have at last got around to arranging a night out and spending some of our ticket master vouchers ….. courtesy of some kind people we have worked with in previous ….. warmer … lives!!

We have booked tickets to see Only Men Aloud… the choir who won last choir standing a couple of years ago. So we are off to Birmingham, on a date, ie washed and not muddy, to see them:-)  We are so excited ……. especially as we have a £50 note saved from selling the camper van to splurge on a meal also. So I have that day off work… it is a monday… Emma is putting the animals to bed .. so after lunch we will come home and get spruced up and catch the train to Brum and 🙂 have a night out! However if tonight is anything to go by …. I need to make sure Kate has her full sleep sunday night!

So other news is that I am getting more decrepit by the day… I have tennis elbow in my left arm……I play tennis right handed!! So I am a bit rubbish carrying things, holding things and even driving hurts at the moment. So I am off to the Dr on Monday afternoon to see about a cortisone injection 😦 and with me hating needles … pointed at me….. that is serious!!

But despite all that and the cold… life is good…. and the animals are all ok…. extra straw and hay for the sheep….. and sleep for Kate and Rhain 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cold enough????!!

  1. Amanda

    Loving the photos, especially the first one – right up the snout! Lovely pigs!

    Shame you didn’t get a pic of Kate snoozing on the couch too…..hope your lasagne got the appreciation it deserved in the end. It must be so hard being out working for long in such cold weather, beautiful but freezing. Not surprised everyone falls asleep when they come onto the warm.

    • littleblackpig

      The pigs are just great at the moment. Dawn and Pamela our big pigs…. who we are planning on breeding with are just so friendly and the rest of them are getting used to use stroking and being amongst them. They were also loving the cold weather yesterday and running around and being really silly 🙂

      The lasagna did not get eaten last night, so it is rolling over for today! Kate has gone up to defrost the farm and back for breakfast soon, I am doing a little light housework….. washing and ironing 😦 and we are encouraging Rhian to sleep in…….. ie we have n’t taken her in a cup of tea yet!

      As to photos of Kate snoozing, well actually I have so many……. but it seems a bit unkind to go viral with them…………just yet 😉
      Maybe a whole blog sometime !!!

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