Day 2 of the big freeze!!!!

So this morning once again the water was frozen solid!!!! What was even more alarming was that the calor gas was frozen solid too!!!!!!! So defrosting and thawing out was a little bit more difficult than yesterday 😦

However we achieved it with the help of some hot water brought in from Droitwich…………..

 and we have a plan now for tomorrow.

We have filled all our water containers and put them in the office, and collected in all the empty water troughs tonight. We have drained the water tank and have a little paraffin greenhouse heater, and also Peter and Susan’s old stove.

So by hook or by crook we will have some method of thawing things out tomorrow. The animals are all  ok ….. extra rations for all and extra straw for bedding 🙂

We are also extremely glad we have somewhere to make hot soup and get in out of the wind…..

even though the water was frozen in the kettle this morning !

So 10 days of this is what they forecast and I reckon we are in good shape for it………………… oh yes and the lasagna was fantastic … even if I say so myself 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of the big freeze!!!!

  1. rhian

    Glad you found some solutions to the freezing water.
    Hope Ben has found a warm home too?
    I’m still poorly, so food is last thing i want to think about! but glad the lasagna was fab XX

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