And the cold snap continues …. but we are not down hearted :-)

 Wednesday morning and a new month just beginning……. and I have the day off work to look after the farm.

Wednesdays are a little bit tricky to manage as Kate is at college over near Warwick on a Wednesday and Thursday. What makes it a little bit tricky at the moment is the dark evenings, in that Kate finishes after 4 on a Wednesday …. earlier luckily on a thursday …. so evening feed time and shutting up the chickens needs a bit of planning. So I am using my annual leave wisely and taking a fair few Wednesdays off in December and January……. including my birthday…. which is a Wednesday…. I may treat myself to sausages for lunch that day 🙂 We also have Emma in the wings as our emergency call out person and others have offered their help too.

So anyway today ……….brrrrrr !!!!!!!!!

Once again getting water to the animals was a priority, and giving them unfrozen water in the afternoon was also vital as it froze quite quickly today. The animals all seemed ok, they have lots of straw and have hunkered down in their shelters for most of the day. The chickens have produced a good lay today so they are all right and Mr Ben … well he still wanted to play ball!


I have kept warm by moving about a lot ….. as advised by farmer Kate, who has just spent 2 carless days up at the farm, unable to leave as I have been using her car whilst mine has been in the garage, what a star she is 🙂

So I have kept moving about ….. in the car … with the heater on full and Mr Ben as co pilot, so we have been delivering eggs, getting a bit of shopping, and off to get more paraffin for the greenhouse heater…… not that we have a greenhouse but it is keeping the containers of water unfrozen overnight. All in all 3 trips out in the car to thaw out…….. and I am in charge again tomorrow 🙂  ….. I have at least one trip planned I have to get more petrol for the generator………. the question is do I have to get it from the closest garage…… the heater may not have warmed up by then ?….. but then again petrol is cheaper at Tesco ( other supermarkets also sell cheap fuel ) so I could just about justify a trip to Kidderminster 🙂

So that is the plan 🙂 so all you people working away in doors …… just think of me…….. having a ball (snowball …… advocaat not included) tomorrow

 🙂 🙂 This is the life 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “And the cold snap continues …. but we are not down hearted :-)

  1. kate

    Mmmm – jollying around the countryside, burning up petrol to keep warm….if you got any wages I’d dock ’em!! Thanks for looking after everything x

  2. Lynda Peachey

    You always sound so positive – cheery, busy, and loving it! It looks freezing there- mind you it’s ridiculously wintery here, but easier to keep cosy I’ll bet. Lovely Mr Ben’s 3 piece suit looks very chic as well as practical. Gosh I’m thinking about you all and sending wishes for milder weather and raised temperatures xx

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