So much warmer now and the shortest day is approaching fast :-)

So we have managed ok during this recent cold snap….. wow hasn’t it been cold – 8 at night and -4 during the day. All in all it has meant that getting water to the animals has been a major task. We have been filling big water containers up in Droitwich and driving them over to the farm and filling the water troughs and bird feeders …. and then doing it all again lunchtime when the water has frozen up again. However since yesterday we have had the hose pipe working again 🙂 The scare mongers are talking about bad again next week but hey ho we will see what happens!

We do think of our friends in Derbyshire and Scotland who are dealing with much worse weather than us here….

These sheep belong to Jo and Veronica in Derbyshire, who helped us enormously with our bee learning and who sold us Kermit and the girls, and the lambs, our starting flock 🙂

We kind of realise how lucky we are to be a little further south.


This was Benson on his holidays with me last weekend when we went to Lympstone to see Mum. Ben went without his coat all weekend and it really was beautifully warm 🙂

But never the less we returned and did our thawing out duty on Wednesday and then things got easier!


So today we have visited our neighbours who have the Christmas tree farm and put our name on one … alongside Daniel ,Annie and Emma who chose their tree too. It was difficult to saw what we were most interested in the trees or the view of our farm from there 🙂  No pictures unfortunately as my battery was flat.

Tomorrow I hope to blog again and enlighten you all on some of the business stuff that is going on for us currently…… it is not all fun and games playing with the animals you know there is some real work going on here 🙂 But in the meantime Kate is already asleep……… we are currently running on pretty low batteries ourselves and full of cold 😦 I only hope we are feeling brighter for seeing Only Men Aloud on Monday 🙂  I am sneaking out of bed in the morning to do the morning rounds, so giving Kate her first lie in for a fortnight O:-)  about time too ! So I am off to bed too ….. goodnight blog followers 🙂 xx

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