Happy Christmas one and all !!

What a year !!! and what an end to the year !!!!

We have had lots more snow than this …… but I haven’t been up to the farm since Sunday and my camera has gone on strike so no new pics at the mo!

Kate was worried about being able to get to the farm on Sunday so decided to sleep in the caravan with Mr Ben on Saturday night…… avoiding Strictly Come Dancing really! So she phoned me at 6.30 to say that she and Mr Ben were snuggling up in their sleeping bags …. I knew she was very tired, and then I got a message from her at 8.30 to say that they were both freezing and giving up! So she got home in tie to see the results, and thanks to 4 wheeled drive she has been able to get up to the animals  3 times each day. The water is freezing, the pipes are frozen and we are filling up the water carriers at home and taking them up. I say we ….. but it is Kate who is doing all the hard work.

For the last 2 mornings Daniels 6 has been getting up with Kate and going to do the morning rounds, wearing 2 pairs of trousers, 3 pairs of socks, multiple tee shirts and jumpers, 2 pairs of gloves and his hat and coat… and he has been a star 🙂

Mr Fox has been very interested in the chickens, big scratch marks on the hen houses where he has tried to get in …… and only 14 eggs from 100 birds yesterday. So bring on the thaw!!

I am really looking forward to finishing work tomorrow and getting home. I am on duty Christmas morning at the farm… but I bet Kate comes too!!

Last year we camped up at the field but this year we will be sleeping in the warm at Kate’s parents. It is not loosing its joy, just we appreciate being warm having never experienced cold like this.

We have had lots of cards and well wishes….. I bought some cards …. but guess they will keep for next year …. we have been rubbish at sending them ….. or even writing them!!

So Happy Christmas to all our friends and family, we have really appreciated all the help and support and good wishes this past year and look forward to spending time with you all over the next year. We are truly having the adventure of a life time, learning loads and enjoying starting our farm. Next year will bring lots of new challenges we are sure … but new wonders also…… bring it on 🙂

One thought on “Happy Christmas one and all !!

  1. Emma

    Merry Christmas Ladies!!! Ali – had a taste of what your job entails today – Man they couldn’t pay me enough for that much stress !!!!! Kudos my lovely, kudos

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