Oh what a fabulous day……. full of good food, good drink and lovely people 🙂

Kate and I got up at our normal early hour and headed off together into the morning……….. it was crisp and sparkly, having had a heavy freeze -10 according to the thermometer!

and what a sunrise !!

 So morning jobs are taking a while at the mo…. extra feed and water to al the livestock, takes extra time in the snow.

6 years ago I bought Kate this sledge for Christmas … little did we know how useful it would be 🙂

 We were full of wonder at how beautiful everything looks!

Even Pamela and Dawn

And so after 2 and a half hours and a flask of coffee and some christmas chocs…. we headed home to return after a fantastic Christmas dinner to do the evening rounds and were rewarded with a beautiful sunset!

What a fantastic day ….. and we get to do it all again tomorrow 🙂

NB Silk pj bottoms underneath thermal trousers rule OK !

4 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS DAY 2010

  1. Ali & Pete

    What a fantastic day – talk about a winter wonderland! We had a great time too. Much love and best wishes for 2011. See you soon. A & P xx

  2. Ali & Pete

    hi girls

    Bad news – no marans! Not until the new breeding season. Do you want to wait or shall we get something else?


    Much love
    Ali & Pete

    • littleblackpig

      @ Ali and Pete, thankyou so much we’d be happy to wait for such a wonderful treat.

      @ Charles, you’re right…but you know I think its happy BECAUSE it isn’t easy not in spite of that fact….mmm…bit philosophical this morning

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