Good weather for getting jobs done!!

So at last we have had a fair weekend to crack on with jobs…… there is always a list………. often written up on the white board in the barn, or in Kate’s head ..and sometimes even in mine!

It is funny what things we now get excited about….. one of the great achievements of this weekend has been digging a trench in front of the concrete pad outside the barn and filling it with gravel and thereby improving the drainage of water off the pad, which will in turn make it much easier to keep it clean. If the pad is clean then mud ect wont then get trodden into the barn. Hmm…. barn proud…….. well why not!!

Kate, James and Daniel also fenced off a portion of the big field to start strip grazing the lambs. Kate and Daniels went thistle hunting and I hoed the raised beds. So all in all had a satisfying weekend 🙂

We even had lunch outside, and began planning our vegetable plot …….. once the pigs who have dug it over have ……. vacated!

So we are filled with optimism that finer weather is before us and we will have many more productive days ahead 🙂

One thought on “Good weather for getting jobs done!!

  1. Lynda Peachey

    Thanks again for posting about littleblackpig, keeping me up-to-date with your busy schedule and thrilling me with your enthusiastic reporting and positive, bubbly excitement and lust for life!!! 😀 Glad you getting plenty help- oh, and that the weather is improving xx I love you two xx

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