Lambing live 2011 preparation!

Oh my goodness ……… we are going to have lambs!!!! Or at least we hope we are going to have lambs ………… or actually we hope that our ewes are going to have lambs and it seems an age since we did our lambing course in Derbyshire!

So for all you blog watchers it was November 13th that we  put Kermit in with the ewes for tupping time to commence. So according to the lambing date calculator April 22nd is the expected lambing date if he got down to business straight away. So it could be anytime after that! In Tim Tynes book on sheep for smallholders he talks about what should be happening every month …….. but I am not sure when he is lambing I think it is late March so I think we need to plan a month delay on everything he says… or read another book and compare and contrast.

So where as Tim says that by the beginning of february things should be hotting up … I think for us it will be early March. The last 6 weeks of pregnancy is critical because 70% of foetal growth occurs then, so feeding is essential, however if we are a month too early we will waste feed and thereby money, and have fat sheep who may find it more difficult to lamb. So yes by March 12 / 13 we should be at the beginning of our last 6 weeks.

So the 3 ewes we bought from Jo and Veronica we know are good lambers ………….. but what will Glamour Puss be like…. hopefully not too much of a drama queen, and our other 2 sisters are unknown quantities to us.

So we have lots to prepare and think about in the next few weeks.

Lambing in the barn or in the field?

What to feed them and how much?

What kit do we need?

How are we going to manage the lambing shifts?

 Kate is on holiday from college but other than the Bank Holidays and weekends I will be at work. Willam and Kate have given us another Bank Holiday in April which is a bonus, but I think  I need to plan some leave also!  How else will the photos get taken and the blog written!

So much to think about!

Happy thinking though!

3 thoughts on “Lambing live 2011 preparation!

  1. Lynda Peachey

    I love it – your blog! Has me smiling 😀 Jo and Veronica are obviously experienced, glamour puss will sail through with hardly a sweat or hair out of place (more than can be said about you two 🙂 ) I’m excited for you – looking forward to wee lambs xx

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