Lambing live preparation.

So one week later I feel much happier about lambing 🙂 I have read and compared 4 books of various sizes on the subject and I have acquired the necessary equipment, or most of it, and I know what else is needed! I also have now got 2 weeks hols over Easter so I’ll be able to be as involved as possible 🙂

So what equipment have we now got …………

Lambing ropes x 2

Lamb Bottle non vacuum

Colostrum feeder and stomach tube

4 spare teats

Prolapse ewe spoon

Castration applicator

Castration rings

Prolapse Harness

Lambing instrument

Armlength disposable gloves

So here are two of the above items ……… obvious what they are really!

 This one on the left doesn’t worry me, after all I have put a naso gastric tube down someone in the dim and distant past.

The one on the right ………. well I am not sure really which end is which … back to the books and maybe youtube!

 So we still need to get hold of a supply of colostrum, and some powdered milk, and also buy in some supplies for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy for feeding the ewes with extras, but I am kind of leaving that to Kate.

Other news …. 50 eggs today phew! I am doing the egg round this friday evening and know we need 14 boxes minimum and I have regulars at work too so lets hope they keep on laying . Also everyone was in bed.. ie all the birds were in their houses at 5.20 pm today so the evenings are definitely getting longer… hurrah !!

2 thoughts on “Lambing live preparation.

  1. Ali & Pete

    Pete and I went up to Newcastle last weekend and saw the first lambs in the fields on the way up – can’t remember seeing them this early before! Snowdrops are also up so Spring’s on the way!

    We would love to be of help around lambing time if it’s of any use to you but for now we’re off to Antigua to join Tenacious, back 7th Feb. Love to you both and see you next month.


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