Saturday jobs !

Usually on a Saturday I have a bit of a day off….. in that I am not on morning rounds and am not really needed up on the farm as Kate and James rip through the big list that Kate has made…… regularly assisted by Daniel.

However yesterday Kate was in London town, having been dancing the night away following cousin Rachel’s fabulous wedding…… I hear she looked gorgeous ….. Kate that is …….Rachel obviously looked absolutely fabulous, and the bride and groom looked very happy , the speeches were very good and it was a lovely do…. although how Kate managed to stay up until 3.30 am I dont know !!

So Ali was in charge …. ably assisted by James and Daniel.

So James cleaned out the chickens ………. this one here is the Old English Game bird cockerel……….. well I thought he was an old English game bird like a pheasant, or grouse, but in fact he is a chicken and cock – a – doodle- doos just like a cockerel and has an eye for the ladies!

So whilst James cleaned them out I cleaned out the pigs houses and gave them fresh straw:-)

They are so funny, they had all had breakfast and gone back to bed, so I rousted them out and started cleaning out the straw and before long they were back in bed!

Then off to give the ewes and lambs fresh hay and have a general look at them all.

Isobel is looking mighty fine ….. but is she with lamb / in lamb ??

So the barn was then tidied and the lambs moved and the water troughs disinfected and topped up …. once the hose pipe was defrosted and then the eggs were collected and the animals fed and the chickens closed up and anther day was over at Willow Farm.

So today I didn’t have to get up and Kate has just returned from the morning rounds and we are off to buy printer cartridges…. what fun ….. and then lunch at the farm and general jobs and cups of coffee ….. it is Sunday after all!

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